Multichannel offers a complete ecommerce solution

Multichannel offers a complete
ecommerce solution

Multichannel solutions are all pervasive and omnipresent, as they are cloud-based. The benefits are far-reaching, multi-dimensional and futuristic!

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Customer Speaks

  • “Ecommerce sacred me, especially the webstore and design part on Amazon. Frankly I had given up and thought for a start-up businesswoman like me it would be impossible, because I could not afford a IT person only for these updates and data pushing pulling. I tried out Webbee and Abhishek has given me some wonderful solutions. Can you believe, I am selling at not just Amazon, but also at Flipkart and Shopify at the same time, thanks to them. Hardly any expense too”

    Sudha Chavan, Indore
  • “For two years we kept running like crazy to collect and assimilate figures, since we were selling at our own website and at eBay. I spent so much on extra IT help, but we were always lagging in everything, orders, response, inventory update, you name it. Abhishek’s team changed all that and created a automatic single system for all our selling channels. The change has made a huge difference in savings of both time and money. Also, they have made it so easy to control and monitor the whole thing. Thank you Webbee.”

    Akhilendra Naidu, Hyderabad
  • “Even though are company was already using connectors for Amazon and other sites, handling things had become very complex for us. We have more than one brand and checking inventory, orders placed, fulfilled, currencies etc meant that we had to juggle between different spreadsheets. This slowed and hampered our progress. Webbee simplified the whole thing by giving us just one system, where all data was assimilated together, made it very efficient and easy.”

    Ryeco Enterprises, Mumbai